呢張圖係朋友今朝send畀我,話說佢喺某隻大game玩遊戲,玩咗一排都無事。無耐前再開game,發玩戶口畀官方bam咗,理由係佢用咗「Inappropriate name」






無錯,佢呢個戶口HK IS NOT CHINA畀人bam咗。朋友激到彈起,同負責人交涉,得到嘅回覆係:


-負責人表示“of course, Hong Kong is not China. That makes sense.”

-但“HK IS NOT CHINA”呢個名唔用得


-負責人仲話想隻game“as neutral as possible, keeping them clean and tidy, politics-, religion-, sex-, offence-free - whenever possible”


負責人仲話同team裡面嘅Chinese people傾過,佢哋覺得朋友呢個戶口名「冒犯」(found it offensive)。




萬一你班on9大陸人覺得美國係你嘅,咪連US is not China都唔用得?




最仆街係,隻game開始時登錄名,係要官方approve;朋友原本個HK is not China已經approve咗,而家先倒返轉頭話唔用得?乜嘢道理?








Thanks for your message, and for playing xxx!


I'm sorry to hear how you feel. I remember your case and why we decided to take those measurements against your clan and account. But first I want you to know that I completely understand why you are upset and why you don't see that clan name as offensive. Of course Hong Kong is not China, that makes sense, but things are a bit more complicated.


You should also be able to see the situation from our side. xxxx is creating awesome games that are played by awesome people worldwide. With so many different cultures and countries being gathered and even clashed against each other it's really hard to keep everyone happy. We have promised ourselves that we will still try and keep our games as neutral as possible, keeping them clean and tidy, politics-, religion-, sex-, offence-free - whenever possible. I can assure you this is very difficult to achieve, so we have created some rules.


Unfortunately your clan was reported to us multiple times by completely different players who felt offended by the name, because in their hearts they truly believe that Hong Kong is China, being a Region of the People's Republic of China. And they are also right, in a way. The thing is that they see it as a political thing, as a violation of Chinese territorial sovereignty. Our team gathered and discussed the case for some time and it turned out that some Chinese people from our team also found it offensive so we decided that it's best to change it - to prevent more people feeling upset. This is what I meant when I said it's really difficult to find the right choice in such situations, to keep everybody happy and the the game neutral, especially with such controversial topics. I hope you can understand.





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