Sorry Scotland and Japan.

來自台灣的噶瑪蘭威士忌拿下了2015年由「World Whisky Awards」(WWA) 所頒發的桂冠,擊敗眾多傳統威士忌品牌,成為世上最佳的威士忌。


而WWA 如此形容它的味道:

Lots of stewed fruits on the nose. There’s also aged Bourbon notes. Water brings out custard creams. Surprisingly smooth on the palate. The alcohol is very present. It’s like Bourbon infused milk chocolate.

Another nutty, meaty, savoury nose, with sweet notes in the backdrop. Very sweet pruney flavours initially on the palate, with fruit cake and big clove, chilli and dry cinnamon. Walnut and hazelnut on the very dry finish.

Immediately and subtly liquor rich. Tiny bit of incense, a thread of spice and smoke.

Caramel, marzipan, coffee-vanilla, fudge, rich, creamy, dried black fruits. Integrated and surprisingly light. Element of sandalwood. Starts creamy, waters out, almost disappears before rubbing hot brown sugar into the oesophagus. Tiny bitter trace.

謎米生活將與 如果我們的語言是威士忌​ 的負責人Tony合辦「認識威士忌」入門班,如有興趣報讀,可看此


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